Berberé is among the winners of The Monocle Design Awards 2023

Our nomadic pet bed designed for Opinion Ciatti has been selected by the prestigious international magazine as one of the 50 most interesting design projects in the world. 
It is a great pleasure that Berberé is among the winners
of The Monocle Design Awards 2023.

Thank you MONOCLE.
It was an honour to be part of your Fifty Best!


Ladies First on IDEAT

“"That Milan is the world metropolis of design is perhaps not the most surprising news. But the fact that the scene is decisively and completely determined by female protagonists should rather come as a surprise. We made the impossible possible and asked Milan's leading designers, manufacturers, gallery owners, advertisers and marketing luminaries for a photo shoot together. In the centre of Milan, in broad daylight, wearing an elegant dress for
a special event.”

Thank you IDEAT for this beautiful experience.

In the cover photo:
Seated: Maria Porro, Nina Yashar, Rosita Missoni, Patrizia Moroso. Standing: Fiorella Villa, Carlotta de Bevilacqua, Raffaella Mangiarotti, Cristina Morozzi, Patricia Urquiola, Susanna Minotti, Rossana Orlandi (from left).

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Christmas in the box

Pianca & Partners proposes a special showcase for the festive season: a display designed by my studio, under the banner of colour and a different sense of discovery. “Christmas in the Box” is an invitation to search for what is hidden at first glance. Time, matter, form, function. But also desire and creation. All these elements gather in portions of meaning to reveal themselves in the micro-architectures of the Palù collection.

Here, the full article.


Design Wanted October

“I designed objects following my feelings”.
An interesting interview by Kieron Marchese through my design career building on the history and identities of Italian brands, including my latest works.
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Milan Design Week 2021


DDN September

The permanence of aesthetics.
An interesting interview by Laura Galimberti about the studio work.
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Palù, bedside collection

Palù collection is inspired by nature, its soft and embracing shapes. The bedside table and bench give an idea of small architectures, characterized by the linear play between solids and voids.
The curvilinear nature of a sequence of wooden rods generates the space: the frame embraces suspended volumes such as the padded seat or the drawer. In the bedside table, the round drawer in regenerated leather is rotating towards the bed, becoming a second shelf.



Pepe, saddle 

The idea came from looking for an informal but comfortable seat, with an essential but expressive line. The reference of the horse saddle seemed fascinating. The seat has a miter cut in the front that lets you lean forward while working at your desk and therefore relieving the back muscles. It’s an object that has the immediacy of a pouf but allows for a more ergonomic posture. 



In this beautiful interview, Camilla Péus talks about the studio work.

“Raffaella Mangiarotti is one of the most sought after industrial designers in Europe. She gives smart functions and a graceful appearance to home appliances and residential objects .”

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An interview by Valentina Croci about the future of living and working space.
We speak about the increasingly fluidity of spaces, the openeness and the intimacy, the functions and the interaction needs. 


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