Art Direction

Manerba, progetto colore 

The office vision was overturned: from masculine products in the traditional office to more comfortable, softer and more welcoming products in which one feels good. "My office is my home" became the slogan of the first catalogue.
Today in the Manerba project every color of the palette is available on all surfaces.
The project is the result of intense research on color and finishes. From the new color palette designed with a nordic feel, to the research on woods, metals, laminates, coloured glasses and new fabrics. Manerba has, thus, created an extensive database of combinations and scenarios, available for architects. The examples represented here are just a small extract of the research. One of the successful and hardest challenges was obtaining monochromes on different materials.

Team: Miro Zagnoli, DSL Studio, 
Federica Bottoli, LaTigre 

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